Summer 1998


Summer 1998

Animal Instincts by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Because we humans are indeed animals, we could learn a lot from watching other animals behave. Except the gopher.

Who Will Lead? In the summer of 1998 Alberta is, again, a simmering cauldron of possibilities

by Frank Dabbs, photo by Roth and Ramberg

The Liberal Party, Nancy Macbeth, Lawrence Decore, Grant Mitchell, the New Democrat Party, Ray Martin

Just a year since the last election and the search for the charismatic visionary who, according to our political history, is powerful enough to defeat Ralph Klein has already begun.

The Price of Protection Over-built, under-utilized and constantly scrutinized by the media, the Swan Hills Treatment Centre faces an uncertain future

by Richard Sherbaniuk, photo by Chris Beeger

Currently unavailable

Toxic waste disposal, hazardous waste management, Peter Lougheed, Alberta Special Waste Management Board, Ryley

The privately owned and publicly funded Swan Hill Treatment Centre is a case study begging the eternal question: what services should be run publicly?

Art of This Place Where golden prairie spreads out under a translucent blue dome as far as the eye can see

by Elizabeth Beauchamp

Chris Carson, Illington Kerr, Marion Nicholl, Norman Yates, Leila Surjir, Henry George Clyde, Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller, Peter von Tiesenhausen

Although Alberta visual art had its origins in the Canadian tradition of painting-embodied by the Group of Seven-it has developed into many styles and media, accurately expressing Alberta’s landscape and culture.

The Kappa Child Excerpt from a novel in progress

by Hiromi Goto, illustrations by Natasha Pashak

Excerpt, fiction

A young Japanese girl knows what her father does not: there is not enough water on the farm to grow rice. The only water here comes from the salty tears of his daughters.

A Peaceful Oasis Photos by Van Christou

Garden, photo essay

In 1967, the Nikka Yuko Centennial Garden was build to memorialize the contribution of Japanese Canadians in Lethbridge. All aspects of the garden are strictly Japanese except for the plants themselves, which are native.

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