Summer 1999


Summer 1999

Farm Boy by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

At the age of 12, Stenson knew his days on the farm would be limited to his childhood. He didn’t have what it takes to be a farmer and he questions if any urbanites do.

Turning Earth into Art From clay quarry to museum shelf: a century of ceramic development

by Les Graff

Noboru Kubo, Sam Uhlick, Garry Williams, John Chalke, Evelyn Grant, Barbara Tipton, Charles Wissinger, Greg Payce

In Alberta, Luke Lindoe is the grandfather of ceramic arts. In 1946, he became the ceramics instructor at the Alberta College of Art, where he elevated clay from the medium of craft to art. He has left a legacy of talented ceramic artists here.

Knowing Where to Draw the Line Electoral boundaries in Alberta

by Douglas Stinson

Charter of Rights and Freedom, Dixon vs. British Columbia, Electoral Boundaries Commission Act, Electoral Divisions Amendment Act, Alberta Court of Appeal

In Alberta, because of how electoral boundaries have been drawn, two rural votes are equivalent to three urban votes. The process to rectify this undemocratic state has been on going since 1989. Considering the ’93 and ’97 election results, the government may continue to stall.

Gut a Land, Gut a People by Joan Ryan, photos by John Dean

Treaty 8, Department of Indian Affairs, Daishowa, E. Davie Fulton, 1988 Olympics, Cree

Since the early 1930s, when the federal government granted the Lubicon people band status, the Lubicon have been fighting for their land and their survival. The provincial government has shown it cares more for the millions of dollars in oil, gas, and lumber revenue that it does for a people.

Nothing is Lost by Darlene Barry Quaife

Fiction, short story

His father abandoned Steven to fight in the Spanish Civil War, from which he never returned. As a grown man, Steven finds his father’s grave but cannot lose his anger.

Olds College Gardens Text and photos by Donna Fremont

Garden, photo essay

Founded in 1913, Olds College provides programs in agriculture and horticulture. Plans are underway to open a public botanic garden in 2000. The Adrian Byland Botanic Garden will be beautiful place to visit and learn.

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