Winter 1999


Winter 1999

I Seen the Little Lamp by Jackie Flanagan


Belonging. Alberta is a community to which we Albertans belong. But what kind of community is it? Is it one imposed on us because we live in the same political unit? Could it be more? Could we be instead united in caring?

Sponsored Fiction by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson writes the very first fiction to be sponsored by Revenue Canada.

Mom Never Told Us House Work Would Be Like This by Jan Brown

Essay, Flora MacDonald, Audrey McLaughlin, Kim Campbell, Sheila Copps, Alexa McDonough, Deborah Grey, Anne McLellan

Politics is a frontier few women have pioneered. In federal politics the figure hovers around 18 per cent. What is needed for women to succeed in public life where power, influence and aggression dominate?

Poverty in the Midst of Plenty by Sabitri Ghosh, photos by Josie Chu

McCauley school, Supports for Independence, School Lunch Program, Canada West Foundation, Social Research Unit of Calgary, David Wilken, Stockwell Day

Strangely, there is no accepted standard to measure poverty in Canada. So in 1997, to access the impact of recent cuts to social programs, Edmonton Social Planning Council took Canada Statistics’ low-income cut-off amount and halved it. This income level they called “absolute poverty” and in 1995, 31,000 Edmontonions lived in it. Klein’s revolution had added 8,000 people in three years.

Melted Architecture Four Alberta music halls

by Trevor Boddy

Currently unavailable

Essay, Winspear Centre for Music, Grande Prairie Theatre, Rozsa Centre, Banff Centre’s Music Building

Trevor Boddy likens music to architecture and architecture to music-both compelling metaphors. Discarding the figurative for the literal, he explores the combination of architecture and acoustics melded in four newly-built music venues in Alberta.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon by David Albahari, translated by Ellen Elisa-Bursae, illustrations by Hugo Dubon

Short story, fiction

Weighed down by loneliness, a man is trapped under the ice of isolation. He trades in a war-torn country for a commerce-run country, but he still can’t find a place to belong.

Longing to Belong by Rochelle Yamagishi

Personal essay

A third-generation Japanese-Canadian woman watches her children struggle to find a place in their society, just as she did.

Mission Calgary: Find Out What’s Hardy by Donna Balzer, photos by Michael Interisano

Garden, photo essay

The Dorothy Harvie Garden began as a display garden that would show all plants that grow in Calgary. While the word all proved too much, the garden is a wonderful resource for gardeners, beginners through experts.

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