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2012 is a watershed year for Alberta's workforce

Canada’s oldest baby boomers celebrate their 65th birthday this year.[1] As the most populous demographic in the western world prepares to retire (almost a third of all Canadians) new generations must take their place. For every Albertan entering the workforce with a post-secondary education almost two equally qualified Albertans are preparing to retire.[2] In an attempt to draw these disparate generations into dialogue about this and other issues that will define the province, Alberta Views is offering a free one-year subscription to every Albertan graduating or retiring in 2012. We explore this demographic shift in every edition of the magazine by profiling the initiation of new graduates into and the exodus of retirees out of jobs considered integral to Alberta’s flourishing.

JAN/FEB: Economist JUL/AUG: Farmer
MAR: Arts Administrator SEPT: Teacher
APR: Urban Planner OCT: Engineer
MAY: Entrepreneur NOV: Nurse
JUNE: Lawyer DEC: Social Worker

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[1] U of T demographer and economist David Foot argues the first Canadian Boomers were born in 1947. (link)
[2] Statistics Canada 2006 Census defines people entering the workforce as those aged 15 – 24 and people preparing to retire as aged 55 – 65.(link)